Life Map

Mission [far in the future]

(Self LESS impact. Gives you DIRECTION and FILTERS OUT distractions)

I want to champion the worth of every individual, and foster an inclusive environment around me

In order to create a world that embraces diversity of all kinds


I treat my body like gold. I fill up on the good stuff, the kind of food that makes me feel alive. I move it and groove it daily, because life’s too short to stay in one place. I take care of my skin because it’s the cover of my life’s story.

I’m here to play hard and laugh loud. I dive into each day with zest, squeezing every drop of joy out of the moment, big and small. I find fun in the everyday, and I light up the room with energy. I chase the sunrise, dance in the rain, and never miss a chance to make life a little more vibrant.

Vision [about 1 year in the future]

(Self ISH. Serves as INSPIRATION to go the extra mile and push yourself.)

It’s Saturday, May 10, 2025. I and Bita are getting ready for our goodbye party tonight, and we are feeling anxious and excited at once!

We are leaving in a few days to a new country to begin the next stage of our lives. We have our money invested to generate most of our living costs. We also have cash on hand to fill up the gaps if we need to. My business is slowly growing, but I’m not worried any more – I work on it to advance my mission, not to get money to live.

Leverage Ladder


Quarter DCA Bonus 1 Bonus 2
Q4 Finish any admin and find companies for moving    
Q3 Research and choose destination country Switch to a different therapist Market my offer
Q2 Invest our cash into dividends Build an exercise habit Create initial offer
Q1 ☑️ Fill in my tax return    

DCA: Liberate myself from the shackles of time and money to create more spontaneity in my life

Done criteria:

  • At least €100,000 is invested into dividends
  • We are clear about the country we want to go to
  • We know the steps we must take next year to actually move

Bonus 1: spoil my body and mind to be able to help everyone else

Put on my own mask first. Make self-care something amazing, instead of a “should”. Bring more fun into it and make it a habit.

Done criteria:

  • I move every day
  • I take time out once a day to rest between my work blocks

Bonus 2: start and validate my business idea to truly help employees excel

Help software engineers grow in their career.

Done criteria:

  • I have served 10 clients in 2024