My Résumé

Parham Doustdar

I am a back-end developer that keeps up-to-date with the latest emerging technologies and best practices. These include new languages, PHP frameworks, design and architectural patterns, and tools.

I have always striven to write awesome code, have strong communication with my peers and managers/leaders, and that has resulted in me having lots of steadfast friends everywhere I've worked. Despite my age and my country, I've always tried to reach beyond borders and my dream has been to touch the lives of my fellow humans in a positive way.

I hope to use my skills to make the world a wonderful place; even better than it already is!

Technical Skills

Likes: php, symfony2, application-architecture, agile, extreme-programming, tdd, laravel, phalcon, web-services, go

Dislikes: html, html5, css, javascript


PHP Programmer, TENA, April 2014 – Current

phalcon, phpunit, codeception, vagrant, liquibase, zabbix, mockery, go, java, android, redis, puppet

  • I rewrote the company's legacy code, reducing bugs to zero and making the software maintainable.
  • I introduced unit testing to the business, setting a standard of above 95% and sticking to it. This drastically lowered the number of regressions in our software.
  • I introduced a service-oriented architecture to promote high-availability clusters, easier scaling of services, and making applications manageable.
  • I helped our devOps team manage micro-services through writing automated Puppet scripts.
  • I wrote a superfast web server for a software the company had purchased, with built-in load balancing, queuing, and recovery mechanism. I did this with Go and Redis.
  • I created a simple Android application so that our customers would be able to open our website in their mobile phones.

Team Lead, Business-X, March 2013 – April 2014

yii, phpunit, fitnesse

  • Create and manage processes that would serve alongside XP (extreme programming) and/or Kanban
  • Create APIs and libraries, used by the controller and view layers of the application
  • Use the Facebook graph API through insights and publishing content
  • Manage and ensure delivery of one of the three core values the application offers, marketing. This includes presenting information in graphs from local data and Facebook, and creating a framework for expanding on the number of supported platforms easily
  • Train the team in utilizing PHP and to perform well after my departure from the company

Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Smartt, March 2011 – March 2013


  • Analyze user's requirements, and design and develop system architecture and specifications
  • Maintain existing computer programs by making modifications as required
  • Identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions
  • Prepare reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software
  • Develop Web site architecture
  • Plan, design, write, modify, integrate and test Web-site related code
  • Conduct tests and perform security and quality controls
  • Introduce and implement web accessibility (ARIA) standards
  • Design and create relational database schemas
  • Create A3 reports and standard operating procedures
  • Analyze and improve systematic processes using problem-solving techniques
  • Identify and implement on-site SEO best practices
  • Execute off-site SEO techniques


Associates, Western Tehran Azad Islamic University, 2008 – 2010

visual-basic, .net, php, postgresql, operating-system, vbscript

Although there is a lot of discrimination going in Iran against the disabled, and the studying conditions are very poor, I achieved a 20 (in Iran, grades are calculated out of 20; that means I got a 100) in every programming-related course. The only courses I didn't get a 20 in were the ones that required illustrating graphs and structures that I obviously can't do, as I'm blind.

And the great thing is, I never studied. I couldn't, because I didn't have books in a format available to the blind. All of the grades I got, adding up to a GPA of 17.31 out of 20, were achieved by things I myself knew. I learned nothing new in the university, and that's why I quit academic studies after this degree.

Projects & Interests


php, yii

We connect patients and healthcare providers through digital referrals to save both parties time and money. How it Works for Your Patients >How it Works for Your Healthcare…

I was a back-end programmer in this project, writing the model and service layer.


php, yii

A business community like no other, in addition to networking and collaborating with business professionals on Business X and social media, Business X enables business growth by showcasing credibility, understanding the market, identifying sales prospects, and providing smart tools to convert prospects to customers.

I was a back-end programmer in this project, writing the model and service layer, and also the leader of the team developing the marketing module, which allows users to analyze their customers' behavior.


phalcon, php

Elf is the back-end for the VoIP application called Asan Pardaz. This project allows users to buy credits from two of Iran's leading phone service provider companies, purchase plain/train tickets, and get credits for making international calls.

I was responsible for the API endpoints providing information to monitoring systems, and for designing and refactoring the recharge process; where requests to web services are made and fail overs are handled.


Re-introducing PDO: the Right Way to Access Databases,

Parham re-introduces PDO ahead of the PHP 7 launch, preparing you for a transition from the soon-to-be removed insecure and deprecated mysql extension!

The State of Accessibility in PHP Tools,

Parham Doustdar talks about a much ignored issue in the world of coding - accessibility. Which tools do it right? Which ones do it wrong? Find out!

Popular Users per Language and Region with Silex and Github,

Parham Doustdar builds a leaderboard app with Silex and Github's API in which you can easily find out the most popular users of a language in a region


First Computer: Intel Pentium 166 MHz desktop CPU

Favorite Editor: Zend Studio


I'm a completely blind programmer that got to learn programming with no books in his first language, Farsi. I learned programming by reading books from wonderful authors, and getting to know them through their books as my mentors.

From the first day I went to work, I was regarded as a senior programmer, due to the knowledge I had gathered while playing around at home. Since I like meeting new people, getting to know them, and learn from them. I began learning from anyone who knew something more than me, and quickly drew myself up to be regarded as a programmer that delivers high-quality work that allows everyone to sleep easy at night.

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