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What is coaching?

It’s very hard to define coaching. Since it is an intimate, personal service, every coach does it their own way. That’s why most coaches, including me, offer a free, no-obligation coaching session where you get to experience being coached by that person for yourself.

What I can do, though, is to give you my definition of coaching, which would hopefully let you get an idea of how I do coaching.

Coaching is a way to accelerate toward your goals. It’s like having a human jetpack, who truly believes in your potential, whose only agenda is to help you go farther faster.

The beauty of coaching is that your goal could be anything. It could be finding love. It could be improving your work-life balance. It could be a better relationship with your family. It could be a better rapport with your boss, or more productivity, or getting promoted.

It could also be something as vague as wanting to be more fulfilled at work, or in your personal life.

Whatever it is, we will work together to find out what it is you really, really want, and then we’ll devise a plan on how to get there.

You are the one who decides what we discuss in every session. You could discuss your progress toward your goal. You could discuss a latest development in your life that scares you, or makes you happy.

My role here is not to give you solutions and opinions. My role is not to push you to do something you’re not comfortable committing to. My role is not to make a goal for you. I will provide suggestions and opinions if you want, but it’s only when you explicitly ask for it.

My role is to do three very important things: ask powerful questions to make you think and gain clarity, agree on a homework with you so that you implement what you already know, and keep you accountable so that you actually make progress, every, single, day.

Think about that. Imagine how it would feel like to improve 1% a day. Imagine that 1% compounding so you accelerate, and do things you never thought were possible.

Can you feel your heart beginning to race? Can you feel your lips curling into a smile? Can you feel the exhilarating energy of possibilities?

Now you know how it feels to have a human jetpack, in real life.

Who are you?

You’d like to give coaching a try. Maybe you’ve heard about it. Maybe you had a coach before. Coaching is an experience, and if you don’t even want to bring yourself to try a free, no obligation two-hour session to experience it, we can’t work together.

You’re in your 20s or 30s.

You have a job where you have to be a thinker, a creator, or a strategizer.

Maybe you feel like an imposter, like you got where you are by “luck” or through “coincidences”.

Maybe you like to do more, but you don’t know how.

Maybe you’ve done things that you’re proud of, but now you feel lost.

Maybe you know where you should go, and you have a hypothetical idea of how to get there, but you can’t seem to move in that direction.

Maybe you are achieving a lot at work, but you’re realizing that your relationships outside work need some… well, work. 😎

Click here to book a completely free, no obligation session where we go deep into your dreams, your goals, and your needs, or keep on reading to know more about me.

Who am I?

Hi. My name is Parham. I’m a completely blind coach, team lead and developer.

Throughout my life, just like anyone else, I have overcome adversity. I could go on and on about my achievements and the pain I went through. About how I studied despite having no study books. About how I got high-paying jobs despite being surrounded by my family who kept telling me no one will ever hire a blind person. About how I learned to stand up for myself and marry the woman I love despite disapproval from my parents. About how I became so good that hired me as an expat and sponsored me to move to the Netherlands.

I could boast, but the reality is, I never had someone who truly believed in my potential, so I didn’t believe in myself either.

The result was that I achieved more and more, but not because of having an impact, growing, or realizing my potential.

I only did it to prove everyone else wrong. “Maybe, if they believe that I was worthy,” I thought, “ I myself would also believe it, too.”

I never had someone who would call BS on lies I was telling myself. I never had someone who would remind me that I could dream bigger, and that I could turn those dreams into reality by doing the smallest action I could possibly do, every day.

I never had someone who would hold a space of safety and creativity open for me, so that I could bring in all my problems and worries, and talk my way through them.

I never had anyone who could reflect my thoughts back to me, so that I’d realize that the stories I was telling myself make no sense.

I have been reading self-help books since I was thirteen. However, those books only gave me knowledge, not results. All they gave me were the “should”s – I could recite how many books Warren Buffett read in a day, what Elon Musk thought about failure, how I should behave to win friends and influence people, all the atomic habits I should build and all that.

But I didn’t know how to react when my boss slammed the door in my face.

I didn’t know what to do when I failed interview after interview, and felt like an imposter.

I didn’t know what to do when I achieved my biggest dream, and it didn’t feel as rewarding as I had imagined it would. Instead, I felt empty, aimless, and dangerously close to depression.

In 2018, through one of my managers, I got introduced to coaching for the very first time.

In a short time, I realized that just by having someone who was rooting for me, life could be a lot less painful, and I could make progress a lot faster. My life got transformed, not because anything changed, but because my coaches helped me see what I could do, that I was lying to myself, that I had so many resources at my disposal that I wasn’t allowing myself to use.

In a couple of weeks, I found out that I wanted to work with people, and not with code. So we came up with a plan so that I’d be promoted to a team lead. I started “acting” like a manager, and one day, one of the seniors in my team asked my manager to promote me.

In only three months, I learned to dream, and make it real.

That’s why I believe that coaching will transform your life. And I’d love to show you how.

Click here to book a free, no obligation session with me, where I will show you the transformational power of coaching by serving you in the best way possible – by helping you dream bigger, then make it real.

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